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Mount Rinjani is one of the most popular trekking, hiking and camping destinations in the world of Adventure Located on the Island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The Mountain which is the second-highest an volcano in Indonesia after Mount Kerinci in Sumatra with an altitude of 3.726m asl and Located at Central Lombok and North Lombok latitudes 8º25′ latitude and 116º28′ east longitude is a favorite mountain for Indonesian and foreign climbers because of its beautiful scenery with a new active volcano an altitude of 2.376 meters above sea level growing up from middle of the Lake Segara Anak and surrounding hills.

Attention for Climbers? Mount Rinjani has a Limited Availability Permit since the pandemic until now and if you are planning hiking to Rinjani Mountain in 2024 & 2025 we with strongly suggest you book in advance to secure permits please e-mail or WhatsApp us your date of month first before coming to the island of Lombok.

Might To See On Rinjani Over the +-20 villages surround Rinjani Mount and there are many routes up the mountain, but the main access is from Senaru, Torean in the North and Sembalun Lawang to the East  West Nusa Tenggara.

Gunung Rinjani national park lies with in the major transition zone (Wallace) where the flora and fauna of south East Asia makes a dramatic transition into that which is typical of Australia. The park has a rich variety of plants and animals, although they can be hard to spot due to the terrain and rainforest cover.

Some times seen early in the morning is the rare black Ebony leaf monkey, know locally as lutung/kepitu) The long tailed gray macaque of kera is common in Lombok and order males are seen on the crater rim, Rusa deer are forest dwellers and are occasionally seen a long the Rinjani trek train.

The smaller barking deer or kijang has an alarm call with a distinct dog like bark. Look for the disturbed ground where the wild pig or babi hutan has been foraging. Also found in the jungle is the leopard cat or bodok alas, palm civet or ujat and porcupine or landak.

A variety of colorful birds live in the jungle of the park. Perhaps the best know iconof the park is the crested cocka too that is not found any further west of Lombok. Many of the forest-dwelling animals, insects, birds, civets, and monkeys owe their survival to the wild fig tree or beringin as a provider of food and shelter.

The pine-like casuarinas species, Cemara, are a feature of the grassy higher slopes. Orchids or anggrek are also a feature of the grassland areas, as is edelweiss or bunga abadi growing above the tree line, it is a beautiful icon of the park and one of the park and one of our best-know sub-alvine plants.

Local mountain Strawberry 
This plant grows along the route to Mt. Rinjani. It has thorns like the rose and the fruit is red like strawberry. It has a sweet and slightly sour taste and is good to eat when trekkers are hungry and thirsty.

Eternal Flower/Bunga Abadi (Edelweis)
The plant or the flowers should not be taken because it grows in the park and in the mysterious world of the spirit kingdom. In the past, someone who wanted this flower must be brave enough to fight and gamble his soul. That is why the flower is called Sandar Nyawa. The flower has never wilted and is as old as the mysterious spirits.

The following stories are a selection taken from a booklet for village guides containing a collection of traditional stories that have been related for generations by the native people living of (Senaru hamlet).

Gunung Baru Jari 2.376m asl (New Volcano Mountain) Gunung Baru is the name of the new volcano which emergedin the center of Segara Anak Lake. People believe that Gunung Baru is the navel of Mount Rinjani That is why if Gunung Baru erupted it will not harm to the people of Lombok unless the eruption is from the Peak of Mt. Rinjani. Some people said that the 1994 Gunung Baru eruption was caused by siprits who were building something because the stones that erupted were arranged in an orderly and attractive way at the foot of New Volcano Mountain and the last eruption of black lava occurred in 2016.

Segara Anak Crater Lake Segara Anak Lake is so wide it appears like the sea with it’s blue water. The name Segara Anak mean schild of the sea. The Lake Segara Anak with a lake are covers an of ​​1,100 ha with a depth of 230 meters, the caldera also contains hot springs Sasak tribe and Hindu people assume the lake and the mount are sacred and some religious activities are occasionally done in the two areas.

Segara Anak Lake (2000m asl) holds various mysteries and invisible power. People feel content to stay a long time in this place because of the large community of mysterious spirits which live arround the lake.The local people believe that if the lake looks wide when seen at a distance it is a sign they will live to an old age or if the lake seems narrow it is a sign of a short age. So in order not to be pessimistic, people quickly purify themselves by lifting up their spirits and calm soul and look at the lake contentedly.In the area of the lake it is forbidden to have sexual intercourse, to complain or say dirty things. we must be patient when facing problems.

Caves (Goa) One of the three famous caves in Mount Rinjani National Park (Goa Susu, Goa Payung, dan Goa Manik), Susu Cave is a good place for self reflection and is often used as a place to meditate. The people with unclean and envious mind will have difficulty entering Susu cave which has a narrow entrance, but people with noble and pure mind will easily enter the cave. Inside the cave water drips from the tip of a stone which looks like a nipple, so people say the water in Goa Susu tastes different. Inside Goa Susu is hot and there is a lot of smoke which looks like cooking steam so people call this Mengukus (hot house) and sometimes people call it Rontgen (X-Ray).

Healing Hot Springs Aiq Kalak means hot water and it is used to cure various deseases. One of the hot springs is named Pangkereman Jembangan which is meant a place for dipping. The water which spurts out of the spring is very hot. Weapons such as keris, swords, big knives, and lances are dipped in the spring to test their magic power. If the weapon become sticky it means that the weapon is bad and has no magical power. However if the weapon remain unchanged it means that the weapon has supernatural power and the power and the strength will be increased.

The People also use the hotspring to make medicine from coconut cream. After dipping a bottle of coconut cream in the hot spring if the liquid becomes clear oily it can be used a smedicinal oil, Then the medicinaloil is used for good things and is called Siu Satus Tunggal or in Bayan language Siu Satunggal which means that it can be used to cure a thousand kinds of desease.

Another interesting fact is that such comforting water is able to eradicate stresses and rejuvenate energy. The locals even believe it is able to overcome some diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, skin issues, make you live long and stay young if you believe when pray to god in this place.

Summit Rinjani 3.726m asl The people of Lombok believe that the peak of Mt. Rinjani is where Dewi Anjani, the queen spirit and ruler of Mt. Rinjani lives. To the south-east from the peak in a sea of dust called Segara Muncar is the invisible palace of the queen Dewi Anjani and her followers. They are good spirits. According to a story about the Queen Spirit Dewi Anjani she was the daugther of a King Named (Jabal Markiu) who would not allow her to marry her boyfriend. At a spring called Mandala, she dissappeared and changed from the real world to the spirit world.

This mountain is part of the Mount Rinjani National Park which has an area of about 41,330 ha and it will be proposed to increase it to 76,000 ha to the west and east. Administratively this mountain is in the area of three districts: East Lombok, Central Lombok, and North Lombok.

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You Need To Know Before Book Your Trekking Date Climbing to Rinjani Mountain?

What is The Temperature like in Rinjani Mountain! The temperature in the day is around 15-25 degree Celsius at and below the rims at nights and The temperature at the Rim is usually below 10 degree Celsius at times, it can be near freezing especially towards the summit rinjani

The Best Months Advetures to Mount Rinjani National Park Lombok! Mount Rinjani is opening for trekking and hiking adventure to the public is from early April to the end of December every year and hiking time is divided into three (3) parts:

April – May Transition from rainy to summer

This part the weather on Rinjani Mountain from early April to the end of May  is still bit rain and  it usually rains during the day between  11:30 am – 5 pm and on some treks it becomes slippery  like from post extra to post 3 of the Senaru route and the path from campsite down to Lake Segara Anak, Climb in this season you need  to bring extra  equipment such as a raincoat, waterproof plastic to wrap clothes and  use the clothes that dry quickly.

This part the trees and grass in  the Mount Rinjani National Park  area are  still green, the hiking trails are not dusty and hot along the adventure, many water locations are found on the hiking trails and there are not too many hikers but little bit slippery.

June – October Summer

This part the  weather is hot during the day and very cold at night, the hiking trails are dusty, there are springs only at (Post 2 Sembalun, Near Segara Anak Lake and at Post 3 Senaru route)  and   climbers are very crowded so when climbing  to the Summit you have to queue to get the Top of Mt.Rinjani

This part It was sunny all day and Clear views in all directions so you can see all of view in lombok Circle, even the 3 Gili island, Mount Agung in bali and Mount Tambora on the island of Sumbawa from the Top of Mount Rinjani

November – December Transition from Summer to rainy season

This part Early November and December the weather is still hot but it can rain at any time, so you have to prepare extra climbing equipment for this sections.

There are not too many hikers in this part, the hiking trails are not dusty but is slippery especially in the forest, there are many springs along the way, so you should prepare good shoes (boots) and hiking poles

Rinjani Closed For Hiking to the public is from first day of January to the end of March every year from the Government of Indonesia, because the weather is very dangerous, extremely, windy, heavy rain all bad on this part and another activities in lombok area available every day for, daily Lombok tour, trekking to pergasingan hill sembalun, camping tour to Gili Kondo, trekking to Anak Dara Hill  and panorama to waterfalls, snorkling to 3 Gili island, walking around traditional village and wet rice-field in Senaru Lombok at the foot of Mount Rinjani National Park

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