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Welcome to Official Website Company of Trekking to Mount Rinjani! Salvin Trekking is a Local Trekking Operator Based  in Senaru Village at the foot of Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok Indonesia, specializes as Organizing trip, trekking to Mount Rinjani, we are the real Rinjani trekking team service and recommended by travelers at tripAdvisor and providing the best package options to climb explore Rinjani Mountain. we offer program starting one day trek to rinjani crater rim, 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights and then 4 days 3 nights full trail and relaxing adventure and other trekking program climb to pergasingan hill, trekking to Bukit anak Dara, Tours around Lombok, Panorama to sindang Gile & Tiu Kelep waterfall in Senaru village and offering Snorkling to 3 Gili islands, Sailing from Lombok to Komodo National Park - Flores and trekking to Mount Agung/Mount Batur on the island of Bali Indonesia.

Salvin Trekking have more than 10 years of experience as Mount Rinjani Trekking guide even be a porter more than 5 years before be the mountain guide and Now offers rinjani trek packages at really attractive with excellent service at reasonable trekking price, Enjoy an a comfortable adventure with us and discover what you're expected in Mount Rinjani and everything you need for the trip is in the packages.

We provide all trekking equipment such as, tents, toilet tents, chairs, tables, pillows, sleeping bags, sleeping mattresses double size, toilet paper, cooking gear and provide a night accommodation before trek start, fruits, snacks, hot ginger tea or coffe with milk, soft drinks, food and mineral water on the trek as well and entrance ticket with incurance usefull, free Rinjani T-shirt and transport pick -up service and drop off after trek done to next your destination within lombok.

Our guides have many years of experience, friendly and helpful team of porters and best experienced how to making delicious meal on adventure and leaving no trash behind on Mount Rinjani National Park, That selected to working for us and we remind to all clients to bring trash return down from mountain, let's do it together to keep stay rinjani clean, we do well for the sake of future generations to come and live healthier with the local residents and the number one comfort for visitors (our clients).

We are a Local Trekking Organizer 100% Registered Company in Mount Rinjani National Park and reliable partner worked closely with local government, Get fully Licensed from indonesian government and freely to access the accident insurance for our client who got an accident in Mount Rinjani National Park, so will be safety guarantee when doing adventure with us.

My Name Is Sutialam I'm the owner of Salvin Trekking I'm a Local Native born in Senaru and living in Senaru Village at the foot of the Mount Rinjani National Park at an altitude of 601 meters above the sea level north Lombok West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia, Senaru Village Where l Stay  is the best Starting point to Trekking Rinjani Mountain My Nickname is Mr. Salvin and we are the first hand to serve your adventure on Mount Rinjani.

Attention for Hikers? Mount Rinjani has a Limited Availability Permit since the pandemic until Now, if you are planning trekking to Rinjani Mountain in 2023, 2024 OR 2025 we with strongly suggest you book in advance to secure permit tickets, please Email or WhatsApp Us your date of month first before coming to the Island of Lombok and get your Entry ticket with Us, Click here for Booking  https://wa.me/6282339300336

After l have enough experience working with various companies as a Mount Rinjani trekking guide since I was 20 years old and from all the experience I have as a Mount Rinjani trekking guide More than 10 years of experienced now I have my own company legally and registered in mount rinjani national park which was opened in 2015 namely SALVIN TREKKING as the organizer of Mount Rinjani trekking on the island of Lombok and l'm still work as Rinjani Trekking Guide now on request.

Here we offers Sharing package and private service Don't be confused if you are a solo trekker, here we will find for you a travel companion that you can follow to climb Mount Rinjani according to the program you want. we prepared two options the trekking service that you can choose to join us.

Sharing Package for those who want to explore Mount Rinjani with a less budget and meet other climbers from various countries make your trip more enjoyable with lots of people and find new friends on your adventure but you have to like each other in the group.

Private Service special for those who love to be more comfortable, relax in adventures such as hike with family or for honeymoon and highly recommended for anyone.

Noted: The sharing service required to have experienced trekkers is not allowed for novice trekkers, because in this package you will trek with people from other countries each trekker will have a different trekking pace. the most popular program options for sharing packages are 3 days 2 nights and also we offer 2 days & 4 days program in sharing package starting from Senaru ending in Sembalun or starting from Sembalun ending in Senaru village and this program will be able to take you to camp in both craters such as Sembalun Crater 2639 masl and Senaru Crater 2641 masl and bring all trekkers to enjoy the amazing scenery form the peak of Rinjani 3726 meter above sea level. Soak in the hot springs and lake Segara lake.

In Our Vision Building Memories through Travel is not only about visiting touristic places but Travel is about memories that you will bring back after hiking with us so that when you return home to meet family, new friends and old friends after Exploring new destinations visiting our places you can share your best memories with them later.

Our Passion - we love what we do to build the local economy which has been hit by a very devastating earthquake in 2018 and continues to be hit by COVID19 in 2019 - 2020 and now we can access climbing to the Mount Rinjani National Park area to revive the economy local people who lost hope during the earthquake and covid 19, but of course we really need support from those of you who have climbed Mount Rinjani with us or who have never been to Mount Rinjani at all to help us restore the economic conditions of local communities here the way is very easy by ordering climbing packages with us at Salvin trekking company from that you are very helpful to us in lombok specially in senaru village here we have a very enthusiastic and experienced team, experts in mountaineering and licensed guides and porters from the local government they will accompany you during your adventure.

Honesty - Willingness We are a service provider that will give clients what they need during their climb with a sincere desire to serve you on your journey in the Mount Rinjani region on the island of Lombok West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia.