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Mount Rinjani Trekking Package & Tour Lombok Organizer

Salvin Trekking is located in Senaru Village, North Lombok at the foot of Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is a mountain located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The mountain which is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia with an altitude of 3,726 masl and located at Central Lombok and North Lombok latitudes 8º25' latitude and 116º28' east longitude is a favorite mountain for Indonesian and foreign climbers because of its beautiful scenery with a new active volcano an altitude of 2376 meter above the sea level growing up from midlle of Lake Segara Anak with a lake are covers an of ​​1,100 ha with a depth of 230 meters. the caldera also contains hot springs. Sasak tribe and Hindu people assume the lake and the mount are sacred and some religious activities are occasionally done in the two areas then mount rinjani called the magical mountain in Lombok Another interesting fact is that such comforting water is able to eradicate stresses and rejuvenate energy. The locals even believe it is able to overcome some diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, skin issues, make you live long, stay young if you believe when pray to gods in this place and not many people know about this except people highly knowledgeable.

The Best Time To Climb Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia is are from month of may to october dry season but we start to do the adventure climbing to Mount Rinjani from April 1st. In this month sometimes still rains but not every day and then November and December are still available to do the hike but sometimes starts to rain in this month so the best season to adventure to Mount Rinjani National Park is from May to October every year.

Rinjani Closed For Hike from January until the last day of March because full the rainy season, weather extremely, windy all bad on this part and another activities in lombok and available every day for Lombok tour, trekking to pergasingan hill sembalun, camping tour to Gili Kondo and panorama to waterfalls, walking around traditional village and rice field in Senaru Lombok at the foot of Mount Rinjani National Park Indonesia

What Are You Waiting for today is the perfect time to book your Adventure If you are planning hike to Mount Rinjani Volcano Lombok Indonesia in 2023 or 2024 & 2025 we with highly recommend you better book now cause entry tickets to Mount Rinjani are very limited and once released many dates are immediately sold out to avoid missing out on this great opportunity please book now with Salvin Trekking we will secure your permit and after you choose to join us please send a small data such as passport number or passport fhoto cause we needed that data to secure your permit and share your location we will pick you up at any arrival place within Lombok island then transfer you to your hotel in Senaru or Sembalun village.

How To Book Our Trip With You Here at Salvin Trekking Company really easy don't have to worry about processing bookings we provide Wise application and Paypal or directly transfer to our bank account that best way we provide for anyone to booking a trip with us Click For Booking?

Mount Rinjani Trekking Package Starts Senaru, Sembalun & Torean

Trekking Mount Rinjani indonesia one of the most beautiful mountains in the world with an altitude of 3726 meters above sea level, is located on the island of Lombok. Here at Salvin Trekking we offer private service, groups & family trip with high quality service guaranteed at reasonable trekking price, hiking, climbing to Rinjani Mountain National Park. Trekking package are available from one day hike to crater rim of rinjani. this program special for who have shorter time, a limited budget and strong enough. the trip without camping and start the hike midnight at 12:00 or 01:00 am to seeing the amazing scenery and sunrice on time from the crater rim of Rinjani.

There are other trekking packages available for 2 days, 3 days and 4 days more fun will cover summit Rinjani, swimming in Segara Anak lake, fishing, soak in hot springs water. this is the best programs among the local people community, asians and foreigner to enjoy more adventure in mount rinjani national park. We have daily a depature, come join us. get more price discount for big group.

Reminded To Anyone who doing advetured to Mount Rinjani please follow our rules in mountain climbing, let's keep rinjani clean together we love the beauty of nature and don't forget bring out down your garbage from mount Rinjani national park for the sake of mutual convenience for the sake of future generations to come take fhoto only leaving footprint without garbages Click For Booking!

Why Choose Us Salvin Trekking is a Registerted Company with the mount rinjani national park and reliable partner worked closely with local government. Get fully Licensed and approved by the minister tourism of indonesia so will be safety guaranteed when doing adventure with our team. Affordable prices with Discounts we are the first hand not second hand to service your adventure

Salvin Trekking Provides Complete Packages that you need on Mount Rinjani adventure such as Entrance Tickets with trekking insurance, transportation, Accommodation, all trekking equipment, cooking gear, food and drinks more than enough during the adventure (fresh fruits, Soft drinks) Our guides are fluent in English, friendly, experienced, licensed mountain guides and get special training and practice before starting their work on the trip, the safety and welfare of our guests is our highest priority on the adventure, join us at Salvin Trekking to have the best experience will be remembered a lifetime. Our guides and porters are local residents from Senaru, Sembalun and Torean villages they have the best experience in adventure, Mount Rinjani is considered a second home by them. because of what, they can hike once a week and even two times a week, an amazing experience, they will share it later with you. they job is set up the camp, provide food & drinks during the adventure, bring back home the personal garbages from the group and take care of you on the mountain.

Book Now Your Adventure 2023 - 2024 & 2025 Before Run Out Of Ticket Quota And Pay On Arrival Get The Best Safety And Service With Us Please Select The Trekking Packages Below!

2D-1N Rinjani Hiking Senaru Crater Rim

Hiking Rinjani to Crater Rim Senaru 2 days 1 night, start via Senaru village to Crater Rim Campsite and the day 2 back down to the Senaru village

2D-1N Rinjani Summit Trek Sembalun

Trekking Summit Mount Rinjani via Sembalun village 2 days 1 night start on 1.156 m above sea level to crater rim Sembalun on 2.639m and camp

Senaru second Summit 3126 Meter Above Sea Level

New Hiking package the Rinjani Trekking to the Crater rim Senaru and 2nd Summit 3.126 masl for 2 days 1 night start from Senaru village to the crater rim, 2nd summit Rinjani ( Mount Sangkareang ) and return to Senaru village at the next day.

3Days Trek To Summit,Lake & Hot Springs Via Sembalun

Trekking Rinjani Summit and Lake Segara Anak 3 days 2 nights program start on 1.156 masl. at Sembalun village to crater rim Sembalun, summit Rinjani 3726m, Lake, hot spring, crater rim senaru and down to Senaru village.

3Days-2Nights Rinjani Summit, Lake & Torean Village

Climbing Rinjani Summit and Segara Anak lake 3 days 2 nights program start on 1.156 m at Sembalun to crater rim, summit Rinjani, lake, swim in hot spring water, camping edge segara anak lake and down to Torean village.

4Days Trek To Summit,Lake & Hot Springs Via Sembalun

Mount Rinjani Trekking Summit and lake 4 days 3 nights start via Sembalun village to crater rim Sembalun, summit, lake, hot spring, crater rim Senaru and down the trek to Senaru village.

Trekking Rinjani Via Sembalun - Torean 4 Days 3 Night

Trekking Mount Rinjani Summit And Lake, Hot Springs 4 Days 3 Night Start Via Sembalun End Torean Village

Client Love!

Nous avons fait le programme 2D1N avec Shuu. Ceci a été une expérience fantastique. Shuu est une personne d'une gentillesse incroyable. Nous avons passé de supers moments avec ! Nous le recommandons fortement !



Excellent trek. It was amazing. Shuu is the perfect guide! Always nice and positive. It was a great pleasure to met him. I recommend you without any hesitation this trek.

~ auroreo140


Really great experience. Shu really made us a group, knew how to keep everyone positive and made sure everyone got great pictures.
It is hard but really doable (and Im not that sporty) and the view is amazing!

~ Anna D

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