Three Recommended Hiking Trails for Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia. The mountain that is included in this world tourism park is located on a beautiful island called Lombok. For climbers, of course, Mount Rinjani is very well known for the natural beauty it has to offer. There are various waterfalls, beautiful lakes with a new mountain caldera, and the peak that makes us feel close to the earth’s atmosphere with an altitude of 3276 MDPL.

To get to Rinjani you can pass through three main routes, namely by air via Lombok International Airport, by sea, namely Lembar Pier and via the Bali sea route by passing the scenery of three dyke, namely Gili Trawangan, Air and Meno. In addition to enjoying Mount Rinjani, you can also see how beautiful the island of Lombok is with a variety of customs and cultures. So if you climb Mount Rinjani then you will get a bonus view of nature, customs and culture on the island of Lombok.

In climbing Mount Rinjani, there are several choices of paths that you can take, including:
1. Trekking via Sembalun
2. Trekking via Senaru
3. Trekking via Torean

These are the three trails that Salvin Trekking recommends for you. The packages for each route are different and you can see through the trekking packages that we offer. Climbing Summit Rinjani via Sembalun village 2 days 1 night start on 1.156 m above sea level to crater rim Sembalun on 2.639m and camp night here, early morning next day start climb to Summit 3.726m and return to crater rim and Sembalun village. Trekking via Senaru is the best route if you want to see the crater of Mount Rinjani perfectly. Most of the early climbers choose the Senaru route. We will start the climb with a very shady forest atmosphere, without having to be surprised by the hot sun at the beginning of the climb. New trekking route from Torean village 40 minutes from Senaru village West Lombok. Torean trekking route really famous for trekkers who want to direct to The lake in the same days. The trails flatter then Senaru or from Sembalun route, but the trekking route is more longer then another trekking route. Its take about 9 hours walking in total, from starting point to the lake camping area. The trail is nice and fantastic. After earthquake 2018 this trekking route the most used route as it allows the (relatively) less strenuous trek to the lake.

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