Trekking Rinjani 3 Days Summit, Lake Via Sembalun Finish senaru

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Trekking Rinjani Mount 3 days 2 nights package start Adventure via Sembalun village 1.156m to Sembalun Crater campsite 2.639m, Summit, Lake & finish Senaru village. This program will take you to both Rims of the Crater, the first night stay overnight at Sembalun Crater Rim 2.639m and second night to the Senaru Crater Rim 2641m, This is special for those of you who want enjoy Natural Beauty and soak in hot spring, swim in the Lake, After climb up to Senaru Crater Rim 2.641m for see the amazing view then watch the sunset and dinner, The next morning descend down to Senaru village.

This program is specially designed for experienced climbers, Participants must be in good level of fitness and ever climb to other Mountain before, and The popular package options for foreginer on private tour and for sharing join with group tour.

Trekking Rinjani Summit & Lake 3 days Itinerary:

Day 0: Lombok Airport – Senaru Village 601m (check in hotel)

Our staff will pick you up at any location You request as Lombok Airport, Lembar/ Bangsal harbor, Teluk Kodek, or maybe from any main object tourist in (Mataram, Senggigi, Kuta Lombok,3 (Gili Trawangan, Meno, Air) and will pick up by our representative staff, then transfer to your hotel in Senaru or Sembalun

Meet your trekking guide will give a free briefing about the trekking procedure and prepared for your trips. If enough time we’ll guide you for exercise to Waterfall Sindang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall at the arrival day, if you arrive 3 pm before sunset.

Day 1: Senaru Village (601m) – Sembalun Village (1.156m) & Sembalum Crater Rim (2.639m) Overnight Dinner & Breakfast.

Wake up at 06:00am and breakfast 06:30am after breakfast our team of guide and porters, will pick you up 07:00am at your hotel location, Direct drive to medical check up, after depart Senaru and travel by 4WD vehicle to Sembalun. We arrive at Sembalun direct to register check in eRinjani tikcet at the Rinjani Information Centre (RIC) before commencing our trek. After drive to start point to climb to continue our journey, The trail initially passes through undulating open grasslands as it winds up the mountain. After 2 hours walk reach to Pos1. Pemantauan (1.300m) at Pos 1. Will takes rest 10-15 minute, Then continue the journey to Pos 2. Usually takes 45 minutes, at Pos 2. We’ll have long breaks because our porter will cooking for lunch and drink hot tea/coffe and snack, after continue the journey to Pos 3 (1,800 m) Usually takes 1 hours, at Pos 3. We will takes rest 10-15 minute, the next  section is very steep up until to Sembalun Crater Campsite where you will sleep before trek to the Summit, During these steep up among the Pos 3 and Sembalun Crater Rim. This section it’s offers Beautiful views and hills around village of the Sembalun And Peak Mt.Rinjani. from Pos 3, to Pos 4 Cemara Siu (2000m) Normally takes 1 hours. at Pos 4. We’ll takes a short break 15-20 minutes then continue the journey to Sembalun Crater Rim 2639m. Usually takes around 2 hours but depending on how we walk. Arrive Sembalun Crater Rim Normally 4pm. And When you Arrive at Sembalun Crater Rim. The tent ready set up by porter for you to rest with snacks and amazing view where you can see the Lake Segara Anak and Lava come from the New Volcano and sunset, bridge of the milky way. and dinner will prepared by your porter at 6:30pm. After to bed sleep early because we’ll wake up 1:30 at the morning and climb to the Summit for sunrise. Hiking time usually 7-8 hours with distance around 8 km.

Day 2: Sembalun Crater Rim (2639m) Summit (3726m) , Lake  & Senaru Crater Rim (2641m) 

Wake up at 1:30 am for a light breakfast, Our porter will prepared toast, hot tea/coffee for extra enegry commencing the challenging 3,5 – 4 hours but depending how on we fast to walk, Trek to the Summit we will be climb in the dark, So, important to have a headlight for this trek, Trek to Summit many parts that are gravel and sand that is very slippery, where you walk up like 2 step up then 1 step down, at the first part and the last part before you reach to the Summit, there are at middle part of the trek to Summit easier, many flat, and while you arrive in time for sunrise the best time to enjoy the spectacular views all of Lombok, even 3 Gilli island, Mount Agung in bali and Mount Tambora on the island of sumbawa and Lava eruption come from the New Volcano that grow up from middle of the Lake Segara Anak that be seen from the top Mt.Rinjani, After enough feel to enjoy the view from the Summit We will return to Campsite and pause for a big breakfast and rest, after continue the journey down to Lake Segara Anak, usually takes around 3 hours but depending how on we fast to go, at Lake we will stop for lunch and enjoy the beautiful natural and swim in the Lake or Soak in hot spring for a few minutes, After lunch continue our trek around the lake shore before commencing our climb out of the crater 3-4 hours, The trail is steep and rocky and passes through dense forest. At the Senaru Crater Rim (2,641m) stay overnight, The Crater Rim offers views across the Lake back toward the Summit and a good vantage point of Gunung Baru, the small volcanic cone within the crater of Mount Rinjani, sunset, sunrise, even Mount Agung in Bali and the 3 Gili Islands also be see from  senaru campsite, the next morning you have 5-6 hours climb down to Senaru village 601m. , If you do not wish to attempt the summit climb. You may stay at the campsite to wait for the summiteers return to campsite for continue the journey together and you may request hot breakfast at the campsite. Hiking time Normarlly 12 hours with distance around 11,5km.

Day 3 : Senaru Crater Rim (2641m) & Descend Senaru Village (601m) 

Wake up at 06:00 am and our porter prepared for breakfast at 07:00 am with amazing view, where you can taked some photo and after enough feel to enjoy the scenery prepare your belonging, then continue the journey, from the campsite senaru 1 hours downhill to Pos 3, arrive at pos 3. Stop for rest 10-15 minute, Then continue the journey through the forest until to the office at Jebak Gawah, after walk 1,5 hours reach to Pos 2 stop for rest 10-15 minute for drink and snacks times, then after continue the journey 40 minute to the pos extra (1.165m) stop for rest 10-15 minute then continue the journey 1 hours 20 minute to Pos 1(915m) Then from Pos 1, continue the journey 10 minute to the lunch Area, Then from lunch place 20 minute to (Jebak Gawah) the adventure ending here,  Along walking in the forest the weather is cool, if you lucky there are, you see the black monkey (ebonylife) as descend the mountain the forest becomes thicker and increasingly lush. we arrive in Senaru village (601 m) at approximately 1/2pm, where you can see the grass hut house of the Local people Sasak in the Senaru Traditional Village, from here you will be transported to your next destination within Lombok end of our service. The final day you have climb down 5-6 hours usually with distance around 7,5km.

If you book your trekking package with salvin trekking you will be provided English speaking with local mountain guide and local porters who will carry the trek equipment and cooking gear.

However our mountain guide and porters in charged just to carry all trekking equipment such as tents, sleeping bag, mats, pillow, chair, table and toilet tents and cooking gear and they are not to charged to bring your personal belongging.

If you need extra porter to carry your personal belongging they are available but extra cost 30 USD per porter per day. And other your luggage you can put at our office and get them back after the trek done.

What is The Temperature like In The Mountains?he temperature in the day is around 15~25 degree Celsius at and below the rims At nightshe temperature at the Rim is usually below 10 degree Celsius. At times, it can be near freezing especially towards the summit rinjani.

Price Including :

Price Will Including With a Night Hotel before Trek start at Arrival day at The Foot of Mt.Rinjani  at!

  • Rinjani lodge direct view & restaurant (extra cost 70usd/per room)
  • Rinjani lighthouse & restaurant
  • Pondok guru bakti direct view & restaurant
  • Sinar Rinjani & restaurant
  • pondok senaru direct view & restaurant
  • Villa Bambu sunset point & restaurant
  • Kita Cottage hotel & restaurant
  • Waroeng senaru & restaurant
  • Anak rinjani & restaurant
  • Bale sebaya homestay & restaurant.
  • Horizon & restaurant
  • Senaru garden & restauran

Quality Trekking equipment, Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mattres double size, toilet tent, toilet paper, chair, table pillow, plastic raincoat.

Food 3 time daily (B, L, D) Water 3 bottle of mineral per person/per day on adventure.

Menu on Mountains.
Breakfast :
•Pineapple Pancake -Cheese, tomoto, sandwich
•Cheese, tomato, omelate and fried potatoes
•Banana Pancake/burger
•Fried banana/fried rice
•hot drinks

Lunch And Dinner:
•Fried chicken special (fried potatoes, fried vegetable, fried egg and steam rice)
•Fried noodles special vegetable ,egg, Chicken and crackers
•Gado gado (Fofu, Tempe, boiled egg, Boiled vegetable and rice)
•Spaghetti with boiled egg chicken, srackers.
•Fried noodles special( Chicken, Vegetable, Tempe topu crackers)
•Noodles soup special (boiled egg, vegetable and chicken
•Chicken curry with vegetable and rice
•Fried rice special (chicken egg, Tempe, crackers

Extra Food on moumtain : popcorn, Fried Banana and fried potato with hot drinks tea or black coffe with milk before dinner.

Soft Drinks:
•Pocari sweat
•pulpy orange juice

Hot Drinks:
•Normal tea
•Lemon tea
•Ginger tea
•black coffe with milk
•Hot water with sugar.

Fresh pruits :
•Water melon/papaya

Price includes:
Pick up before and transfer after the trek.

  • A night a ccommodation in Senaru before the trek
  • Trekking guide and porters who will carry the cooking gear and camping equipment
  • An experienced English speaking guide and professional porters
  • Entrance fee to the National Park and trekking insurance
  • Food and drinking water on the trek (3-liter mineral water a day/person)
  • Tents, toilet tent and paper, sleeping bags and mattress, pillow, chair & table
  • Climbing certificate (on request)
  • T-shirt Rinjani

Prices Excludes:

  • Head lamp/hand torch
  • Small bag/daily pack
  • trekking shoes
  • Rain jacket, long pants, gloves,sun glasses, sun hat, warm jacket ,hiking pole
  • personal medicine
  • Airline ticket
  • Extra porter for own luggage(private porter)
  • Tips for guide and Porter.
  • Food and drinks before trek start and after rinjani

Should you needed to bring hiking mount Rinjani not more 5 -7kg.

  • Torch or Flashlight.
  • 1 pair of champ shoes/trek shoes are good. ( boots )
  • Toiletries, Personal medicine
  • Sunblock/lotion, hat/cap, sunglasses.
  • Spray for muscle/balm.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Camera, Handy cam (Manual or Digital).
  • Towel
  • 2 pcs. of T-Shirts.
  • Long trek pants, Raincoat
  • Windproof Jacket, Warmest jacket
  • Gloves
  • 2/3 pcs. of shorts & small towel
  • Trek stick/leaky (optional). Sandals (optional). Binocular (optional).
  • Extra trail snack (we supply fruits, Menu.
  • Power bank.

Estimation time pick up:

Lombok Airport – Senggigi approximately 1,30 minutes by private car

Lombok Airport – Senaru village approximately 4 hours by private Car

Lembar – Senaru village approximately 2,5 hours

Mataram / Senggigi – Senaru village approx 2 hours

Tluk Kode / Bangsal Harbor – Senaru village its about 1 hour 30 minutes
Gilis – Bangsal harbor 30 minutes approximately by public boat.

For more details about this package & Interested in hiking Rinjani with please do not hesitate to contact us via whatsApp or EMAIL-US [email protected]

Thank you kindly for your interest. The Salvin trekking Team looks forward to serving you!

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