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Mount Rinjani Tour 2 Days 1 Night Trek to Summit For Experienced Trekker.

Trekking Rinjani

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Package Service 2 Days 1 Night Trek start on 1.156m above sea level to crater rim Sembalun stay overnight on 2.639m the early morning next day start the climb to Summit 3.726m for see the sunrise and all view of Lombok island and return to crater rim and then down to […]

Trekking Rinjani Mount Lombok, Indonesia 3 Days 2 Night. Senaru Crater Rim, Lake, Summit & Sembalun Village.

trekking rinjani

Trekking Rinjani Package 3 Days – 2 Night to Senaru Crater Rim 2641m – Down to Lake Segara Anak then uphill to Sembalun Crater Rim 2639m Stay overnight – Climb to Summit 3726m after return to campsite and trek down to Village of Sembalun 1.156masl Start Via Senaru Village 601m. This program is suitable for […]

Trekking Rinjani 3 Days To Summit, Lake & Hot Springs Via Sembalun

salvin rinjani trekking

TREKKING RINJANI MOUNT 3 days 2 nights program start your adventure on 1.156masl at Sembalun village and through dry fields, forest, grasslands to the crater rim Sembalun and you’ll sleep under the bridge of milky way on 2639m asl and the next day morning hike to summit then down to Lake, have Lunch and soak in […]

Three Recommended Hiking Trails for Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia. The mountain that is included in this world tourism park is located on a beautiful island called Lombok. For climbers, of course, Mount Rinjani is very well known for the natural beauty it has to offer. There are various waterfalls, beautiful lakes with a new […]

Senaru Second Summit 3126 Meter Above Sea Level

2nd summit sangkarean

SENARU TREK ROUTE – Senaru Second Summit 3126 Meter Above Sea Level 2 Days summit sangkareang New Hiking Package the Rinjani Trekking to Crater rim Senaru 2641 masl and Rinjani second Summit 3.126 masl for 2 days 1 night start from Senaru village to the crater rim and summit (Mount Sangkareang) and return to campsite […]

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